Damien Darko

29 year old residing in Rhode Island.

About Damien

Damien has always had a passion for creating things, whether it was writing, or drawing, he has always tried to find ways to express himself creatively. Programming is no different.

As a child he always had curiousities about the inner workings of electronics and computers. What was once a curiousity, eventually became a passion. Programming has been seen as a new means of creativity for him, but also pulling together some of his other passions as well. He intends to work on game development as side projects.

Likes & Interests

  • Art: Drawing(Digitally)
  • Music: Rock, Pop, Metal, EDM, Rap, etc.
  • Gaming: PC gaming(mainly), Switch, PS4, Xbox One
  • Horror Films: Zombies, Psychological, Slasher, 80's